Repair Road Underpass & Bridge at Taxiway "A"

Client: NAVFAC Southwest, Lemoore FEAD


The project was a very FAST TRACK (28 calendar days) design-build project calling for the removal and replacement of pavement/roadway underneath an existing and operating Taxiway at Lemoore NAS. In order to ensure no damage to aircraft engines from concrete debris, constant cleaning of the taxiway was a requirement, which was closely coordinated. Neither pedestrian or vehicular traffic could be impeded, so substantial re-routing was undertaken. The work was to be performed with an overhead clearance of only 13’6”, requiring use of specialized equipment; and because of the groundwater levels, special measures were required to attain soil compaction requirements: The project design covered: removal of existing pavement/roadway in the underpass below Taxiway “A”, and called for soils treatment, over-excavation and compaction. New storm drains and catch basin were designed, all to be covered by new lifts of pavement; and new ADA compliant safety measures. T. Simons received an OUTSTANDING CCASS rating.

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