IDIQ Job Order Contract | NAWS China Lake (0405)

Client: NAWS China Lake


The base contract is for non-complex Design-Bid-Build and Design-Build projects for alteration, repair and construction projects in support of Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS), China Lake, Ca.

Scope of Work

The scopes of work for the 12 task orders issued to date have included a variety of scopes of work

  • Asbestos encapsulation, and asbestos and lead-based paint abatement
  • Replacing fire alarm systems, smoke detectors and duct smoke detectors
  • Plumbing demolition and installation, repairing leaks, installing an eyewash station and sink, disconnecting, demolishing, abating and installing new steam and condensate piping, pressure testing piping, insulate piping
  • HVAC demolition and installation, replacing six air handling units, installing and programming digital controls, installing evaporative heating/cooling units, installing ducting and registers, and installing vent hoods, exhaust vents and vent ducting
  • Painting warehouses and applying epoxy paint on the floor
  • Electrical upgrades including installing and removing light fixtures, conduit and wiring, installing underground conduit, installing disconnects and fuses, terminating wires, demolishing substation, setting power pole, installing crossarms, arrestors and insulators, installing transformer and meters, pulling 15KV wire
  • Demolishing and installing overhead doors, interior and exterior personnel doors, sliding doors, frames and hardware
  • Installing glazing, replacing or repairing window frames and trim
  • Sawcutting, placing concrete, installing bollards, patching shotcrete, and installing footings and pads
  • Installing new stairs
  • Fabricating and installing metal handrails
  • Installing a new loading dock and dock bumper
  • Repairing wood trim
  • Infilling walls
  • Repairing or installing new stucco
  • Repairing and replacing drywall
  • Constructing a new high security fence around an existing hangar including installation of hydraulic vertical pivot gates and personnel gates
  • Demolishing electrical substation buildings including asbestos abatement, the above-ground structure and concrete slab, fencing and some power line poles, and returning the demolition site back to existing grade
  • lterations to a pool facility to include removal of existing deck coating and installation of a new cool deck system; removal of plaster pool lining, expansion joints, scum gutter, ladders and tile and replacing them with new; demolishing existing concrete entrance stairs and ramp, and providing a new ramp system.

On these task orders, T. Simons Co., Inc. self-performed the following:

  • Supervision
  • Quality Control
  • Safety management
  • Drywall
  • Carpentry
  • Stucco
  • Framing and wood repair
  • Painting
  • Concrete installation, finishing, and bollards
  • Asphalt demo
  • Glazing

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