IDIQ Job Order Contract | NAWS China Lake (0201)

Client: Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake


This contract is to provide a quick response contracting vehicle for non-complex Design-Bid-Build and Design-Build projects in support of Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, Calif. The contract is intended for construction and maintenance projects with firm fixed price task orders. 26 Task orders have been issued with values ranging between $29,000 and $441,000.

Scope of Work

Projects awarded to date have included the following scopes of work:

  • Replacing air handling units
  • Replacing chillers
  • Repainting hangar decks
  • Installing security devices
  • Installing electrical upgrades
  • Installing new fire protection systems
  • Repairing existing fire alarm system
  • Replacing turf and sunshades
  • Installing energy efficient upgrades
  • Installing bird netting
  • Repairing and re-insulating roofs
  • Installing drain on a deck apron
  • Repairing concrete cracks
  • Sealing concrete
  • Repairing fencing
  • Replacing light
  • Replacing air conditioning units
  • Chapel annex alterations
  • Replace security fencing with security outriggers and three strands of barbed wire
  • Replacing cooling units
  • Upgrading power including replacing electrical panels, identifying all existing circuits and labeling new panel
  • Providing safety tie-off line system
  • Repairing restrooms
  • Asbestos and lead based paint abatement


Two task orders performed under this contract earned safety awards.

We earned a Safety Through Awards and Recognition (STAR) program award for the execution of the project entitled Install Drain Mini Deck Apron. "The award recognizes companies that have demonstrated excellence in providing a safe working environment throughout the life of the contract" according to the citation.

The project entitled Repainting Hangar Deck was also awarded a safety certificate in recognition of scoring a 100% on a Contractor Site Safety Audit.

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