Camp Roberts Barracks Interior Renovations

Client: USPFO for California


This project was to renovate eight barracks buildings including latrines, doors, floors and interiors for the California Military Department at Camp Roberts.

Scope of Work

  • Abatement of existing lead based paint, asbestos tile, mastic and plywood substrate
  • Replacement with new plywood substrate and new polyurea flooring systems
  • Replacement of the existing exit doors with new hollow metal doors, panic hardware and accessory hardware
  • Replacement of the existing
  • Plumbing to include installation of new water closets
  • Plumbing fixtures - toilets, urinals, showers with new liners, grates and drains
  • Solid surface countertops and cabinets
  • Electrical lighting fixtures and receptacles
  • Water heaters
  • Ceiling drywall
  • Attic access metal frame and door panel
  • Interior wall and ceiling finishes
  • Installation of new wood framed furring wall
  • Installation of new heavy duty shelf brackets
  • Installation of new 10" wide x4'-6" long HDPE bench and 10" wide x 3'6" long HDPE bench
  • Installation of new surface mounted shower panel
  • Install new concrete landing with 2 equal risers and 11" treads
  • Installation of new 2x4 blocking between ceiling joists
  • Installation of 5/8" type X gypsum board
  • Install 4" concrete slab in location where concrete has been removed
  • Install bollards
  • Install dowels in existing concrete slab and epoxy into place
  • Fabrication and installation of metal handrail in the stair well
  • Removal and disposal of clay vent pipe, metal vent pipe, framing and hangers from the mechanical room, vent chase and roof jack
  • Installation of new chair rails and baseboards
  • Replacement of existing 4x4 second floor posts, supporting structure as required, using Simpson Strong Tie or equal, post to beam tie and post base to install replacement post
  • Frame and install two Ambassador steel fire extinguisher cabinets or equal. Trim and paint to match finish schedule.
  • Install insulation to the interior walls
  • Install sheet metal supply duct from HVAC unit to second floor
  • Replace sheet metal duct on second floor with insulated flexible duct properly sized for CFM required supply
  • Install FRP in latrines
  • Run conduit to panel boards via pull box and existing conduit in mechanical room
  • Replace EMT conduit with new rigid galvanized conduit
  • Reuse bare copper wire grounding
  • Disconnect and remove all existing lighting fixtures, switches and receptacles with all associated wires and conduit. Replace as shown in drawings.
  • Install wiring for future fire alarm panel, future electric water cooler, future refrigerator and future microwave
  • Replace all damaged stringers and damaged stairway framing
  • Replace all treads and risers
  • Coat all portions of the stairs with polyuria
  • Remove existing wash basin, fixtures and plumbing
  • Remove existing lavatories, fixtures and plumbing back to points of connection at vent/drain line and water line
  • Remove existing urinal, fixtures, plumbing and partition
  • Remove existing water closets, fixtures and plumbing
  • Remove existing partitions, anchors and fasteners
  • Demo concrete floor and encased piping
  • Remove existing water supply piping
  • Existing vent pipe to be modified
  • Remove all existing 1x siding from interior of latrine and shower
  • Rout existing joint at perimeter of shower area at the floor/stem wall juncture
  • Remove portion of concrete step to point 3" offset from door opening
  • Remove all metal siding from interior of shower area, including ceiling and opening exposing the stud framing
  • Remove existing vent piping
  • Remove existing shower fixtures and associated water lines
  • Existing floor drain to be replaced

This project required us to gut eight barracks buildings to the shell and rebuild each of them. Coordinating with the base's Department of Public Works, T. Simons removed the existing furniture, loaded it into trucks and DPW transported it to storage for safekeeping until construction was complete. During demolition, we encountered unexploded ordinance, fire damage, structural damage, termites and mold in addition to the expected asbestos and lead-based paint. After the abatement, we demolished the building down to the shell and began to rebuild it.

T. Simons' team installed new plumbing, latrines, accessories, flooring, framing, drywall, painting and utility connections. We replaced structural floor and ceiling joists on both floors, and 6x6 and 4x4 support columns that required jacking up the ceiling and moving one at a time. We installed a polyurea fluid-applied treatment on the bathroom floors and floor to ceiling in the showers.

Our superintendents, Darrell Chubon and Jeff Gamble, carefully worked with the base's Department of Public Works to schedule water main and gas shutdowns so the lines could be connected. The crews connected to the existing underground base utilities for water, gas and electrical service. Along the way, we also encountered faulty utility lines and shutoffs that necessitated the shutdown of the entire base to perform the utility tie in.

While we were working in the barracks facilities, two other contractors were installing new roofing and overhead electrical service in the same area. Jeff Gamble closely coordinated with the two other contractors to ensure that all three contractors were able to complete our respective projects without impeding the progress of the others.

In all, we have completed renovations on 24 barracks buildings at Camp Roberts. Eight buildings were completed for this project for the USPFO, eight buildings on other USPFO projects, and eight more buildings under contracts with the California Military Department. Starting from the shell of the building, we have rebuilt the barracks into usable facilities capable of housing 4000 troops returning to Camp Roberts for training. The day after we completed this project, troops moved into the barracks. The 24 barracks renovations have included site work, utility connections, concrete, metal stairs and handrails, carpentry, insulation and waterproofing, doors and windows, a variety of finishes, plumbing, HVAC and electrical work.

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