IDIQ MATOC for Northern California (0022)

Client: USPFO for Califorania


The base contract is for the maintenance, repair, construction and design build services in support of California National Guard activities.

Scope of Work

Four task orders were issued on our basic contract to date. The task orders included safety and quality control plans covering the entire contract, numerous Barrack Latrine Remodels, Interior Renovations and Floor/Door Replacements and construction of a Structural Collapse Venue site.

The remodel and renovation projects required demolition and abatement of lead based paint and asbestos containing material; demolition of drywall and ceilings, rough and finish carpentry; installation of insulation, drywall, FRP, window trim and baseboard; new doors and frames; new handrails; new Polyurea floor coating; new concrete bollards, HVAC and electrical.

T. Simons Co., Inc. self-performed the following:

  • Supervision
  • Quality Control
  • Site Safety and Health
  • soft demolition
  • concrete demo and put back
  • supplied and installed plywood floor underlayment
  • installed insulation
  • sheet rock replacement
  • painting
  • all rough and finish carpentry including baseboards
  • chair rails and window trim

Our employees also fabricated and installed metal handrails in the stairwells. We also supplied and installed all doors, frames and hardware, and installed the countertops in the latrine areas. Our employees performed exterior rough grading, over excavation, compaction, form work, rebar installation and concrete for exterior concrete pads; and augured and set the exterior bollards.

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