Repair and Modernization of Buildings for San Luis Obispo County (2012)

Client: County of San Luis Obispo


This contract is for the repair, alteration, modernization and rehabilitation of buildings, structures or other real property of the County of San Luis Obispo, Calif. To date, 22 task orders have been issued against this contract ranging from $750 to $464,597.91 for a wide range of work throughout the county.

Scope of Work

Projects awarded to date have included the following scopes of work:

  • Paving roads and parking lots including slurry seal and striping
  • Saw cutting, removing and replacing asphalt
  • Earthwork including removing and replacing base/native soil and removing all visible tree roots
  • Installing 8-ft high security fence and gates for personnel access
  • Installing new interior signage
  • Installing data cabling
  • Renovating restrooms - demolition, removal and reinstallation plumbing fixtures, metal stud framing, tile, cove base and repairing floor tiles, new wall hung lavatories and urinal, new toilet accessories and partitions
  • Renovating public health lab
    • Demo walls, ceiling, lighting, wiring, HVAC ducts, doors, casework, etc.
    • Install new partition walls and framing, casework, beam at ceiling, new electrical wiring/lighting, controls, plumbing, relocating existing HVAC ducts and registers, fire sensors/alarms, telephone and data cabling, exterior plaster, trim and insulation
  • Constructing ADA compliant site access including deck and ramps, guardrails and handrails, an ADA-compliant playground, and installing ADA compliant reception counters
  • Carpentry such as replacing laminate countertops, modifying cabinets, installing half-height and full-height doors
  • Installing new flooring and rubber base
  • Reversing swing of existing storefront doors entrance doors
  • Moving existing electrical and data outlets
  • Installing network equipment, labeling and punching down all phone and data ends
  • Disconnecting utilities and removing lines to their source
  • Installation of lighting fixtures
  • Painting walls and ceilings
  • Renovating a kitchen for juvenile services
  • Installing fire alarm system including all fire alarm devices such as fire alarm cable, addressable photoelectric smoke detectors, beam smoke detectors, module for monitoring kitchen hood ventilation system, manual pull stations and audible/visual devices to meet ADA NFPA 72 requirements
  • Reprogramming and testing of existing under-floor duct smoke detectors
  • Replacing roof located detectors
  • Repairing or replacing of fire alarm system components including fire alarm main panel, exterior audible alarm, water flow switches/indicators, terminating to connect to the system, relating and remounting detector devices, securing and support of cabling to meet code requirements, evaluation of smoke dampers then adding or removing them as necessary, reconfiguring door "hold-open" conditions as necessary
  • Replacing existing 50-ft antenna tower with 60-ft tower including foundation, grounding, antenna tower, ice bridge to existing communications vault, climbing ladder and safety cable
  • Remodel of the Cambria Library
  • Remodel of the Water Quality Lab
  • Addition of an ADA restroom at the Veteran's Hall in San Luis Obispo
  • Remodel of the Cambria Library to include upgrades to the structural system, mechanical system, plumbing, fire suppression and electrical systems
  • Remodel of a Water Quality Lab including renovation of a garage space to include new exterior window and door, new exterior infill wall, new gypsum wall board, new ceiling, new light fixtures, new utility sink, storage room, HVAC unit, and associated mechanical, plumbing and electrical work; remodel of a soils lab space into a new conference room including unisex restroom and restroom/shower wing, storage closet and utility room; and renovation of the water quality lab to provide access to the new conference room, new exterior windows, renovation of restroom and utility room into new office space, new ceiling and light fixtures, and repair of concrete flooring.
  • Replacement of a Water Quality Lab Roof and Insulation including removal and replacement of the 4700+ sf metal roof system, gutters, downspouts, cable, flashing, eave trim and other related trims
  • Cambria Library Site Improvements including demolishing and installing new handrails and concrete ramps and landings to meet ADA access requirements for the building

On these task orders, T. Simons Co., Inc. self-performed the following:

  • Supervision
  • Quality Control
  • Safety management including traffic control
  • Environmental management including dust control for exterior and interior areas (such as using mechanical ventilators for dust and odors during construction)
  • Demolition
  • Patching and painting
  • Installing new and patching existing drywall
  • Installing new and repairing existing flooring
  • Wood and metal framing
  • Tiling
  • Deck installation
  • Concrete ramp and concrete deck footings
  • Roof/gutter installation
  • Handrail installation
  • Grading

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