POCA 0023 for LA District Corps of Engineers

Client: POCA IDIQ, LA Corps of Engineers


This contract is for Performance Oriented Construction Activity (POCA), IDIQ Contract, primarily for use in the Los Angeles District, but may be used for work at other locations within the South Pacific Division. Three task orders have been issued against this POCA thus far.

Scope of Work

One task order is to repair high voltage switchgear in 12 buildings at Edwards AFB, Calif. The work includes removing, repairing and reinstalling high voltage switches. To perform the project and keep each building running smoothly, we installed temporary high voltage pad mounted switches while the existing switches were repaired. After the repairs were completed, we removed the temporary switch and reinstalled the now-repaired switch in its place reconnecting all cables as necessary and providing name stickers on all equipment.

The second task order issued is to replace a water tank, cathodic protection system, concrete pad, safety tether devices, tank fill valves and insulate exposed piping. The project also requires replacement of all existing steel galvanized pipe on the influent and effluent water lines, control valves, pumps, pump room piping, check valves, and all applicable piping, electrical wiring, electrical panels, motor pump controls and piping insulation.

The third task order issued is to install secure walls and hallways at Building 151 at Edwards AFB in the amount of $3,447,375. The job is currently ongoing with a 90-day duration and includes drywall, framing and insulation; doors, frames and hardware; concrete chiller pad; painting, carpeting and partition dividers; addition of a UPS room; t-bar and acoustic ceilings; electrical conduit, wiring, panels and lighting; HVAC ducting, chillers and computer room air conditioning units,; a fire protection sprinkler system; and an alarm systems.

On these task orders, T. Simons Co., Inc. self-performed the following:

  • Supervision
  • Quality Control
  • Safety management
  • Furniture removal and installation
  • Installation of curtains

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